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Mohammed Hussain contracted poliomyelitis in both legs at the age of 2. The father of two moves around in a sports wheelchair due to paralysis of both his legs. 

Hussain joined SPD in September 2003 and has been working with the SPD Sheltered Workshop, where he does bookbinding and makes customised photo albums. Hussain’s specialty as a craftsman is pulling leather taut onto book spines, something that takes both strength and skill.

As a long-serving staff and beneficiary at SPD, Hussain is a diligent worker and gives his best. On top of his day job, he is an active sportsman and represented Singapore in the wheelchair basketball team for the 8th ASEAN Para Games, the first such event in Singapore. In light of his past and continuing employment and contribution to sports, he makes an exemplary role model for people with disabilities.


Tan Chwee Suan’s amputation dated back to 1978 when she had a fall and injured her knee. She sought massage therapy treatment from a Chinese physician. Instead of getting better, the affected area developed into a cancerous growth and doctors recommended amputation to save her life. Following the amputation, she received 3 years of chemotherapy treatment which she described as a very tough period in her life.

As if things couldn't get any worse, doctors found that her heart was slowly failing her and recommended a transplant, which she had in 1991. Till now she is still on medication for her heart condition

Chwee Suan came to SPD in June 1982 following the recommendation of a doctor at the hospital. She was looking at employment options back then but had little success on her own. Through the years, she received training in book binding and developed her skills into the craftsman she is today. She is happy that she is here at SPD as she felt encouraged seeing her colleagues’ positivity and independence despite their disabilities.

The medicines for her heart condition are very costly and are beyond her means to afford. Over these years, SPD has been assisting Chwee Suan with this huge expense ensuring that her health is taken care of.

When asked about her dreams and goals, Chwee Suan humbly replied that she feels contented about her life now and does not hope for anything more. She appreciates the assistance and encouragement from the colleagues and staff from SPD, and her faith in God.