Bookbinding/restoration services will be by appointment via email ( or phone call (65790742/65790726). Thank you!
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Other Services

Apart from bookbinding, greeting cards and craft-making, our Sheltered Workshop provides a wide range of products and services by a team of more than 100 people with disabilities. Your support will provide training and employment opportunities to our trainees and assist them to become financially independent.

Our Services Include:

  • Price tagging
  • Assembly packing
  • Letter shopping
  • Data entry
  • Digital scanning and archiving
  • Book binding
  • Thesis binding
  • Printing
  • Hongbao making

If you are looking at outsourcing business processes and improving your value chain, do consider us.

By outsourcing jobs to our centre, your organisation is directly performing your Corporate Social Responsibility to the less privileged in our community.

For enquiries, contact us at Tel: 6579 0742 or e-mail:

We are open Mondays to Fridays (except public holidays) from 9am to 5pm. Please avoid lunch hours 12pm to 1pm.


Assembly & Packing Services

The Sheltered Workshop has a team of 100 dedicated trainees who specialise in assembly and packing services. We can provide long term or ad-hoc sub-contract work. Over the years, we have been in the service of packing goody bags, retail packs, price tagging and mailing services. Quality checks are in place at every stage of production and you can be assured of accuracy.


Data Entry, Digital Scanning & Archiving

One of the core services our Sheltered Workshop provides is the digital scanning of documents and data entry. We have high speed scanners that can scan physical documents into digital images.

If you want to minimise your physical storage space, or you have records stored away for years, why not have them digitised? We are also experienced in scanning and archiving confidential documents.


Open Employment for Trainees

Trainees in our Sheltered Workshop undergo work hardening to prepare them for working in open employment. We also provide job support for trainees to help them integrate in jobs outside SPD. If you are considering the possibility of employing persons with disabilities in your company, please email: